Elderly “Karen” Asks Random Black Man To Wait Until After She Leaves To Rob Store

Footage of glaringly racist incidents throughout the United States are going viral every day, but a recent video shared to TikTok is a special kind of absurd.

A Black man named Agustist King posted the video to his account last week. In it, he approaches an elderly white woman inside of some sort of store and asks her to repeat what she had just said to him prior to his turning the camera on.

“You said was we gonna do what?” he asks.

“Rob the store,” she replies.

“You asked us was we gonna rob the store?” King asks again.

After she confirms, he wants to know why.

“Aren’t you going to do it now?” she asks.

A lot of the commenters had no patience for this old woman’s blatant racism.

“old people forget everything except apparently how to be prejudice,” wrote tonino pérez.

Though some tried to blame the recent Black Lives Matter protests for her assumption.

But being old is never an excuse to be racist…which is apparently something that still needs to be said.

Just because your grandparents are cute and old doesn’t mean they get a pass for racism. They’ve definitely had way too many years to unlearn that nonsense.