Some restaurants have great reputations for their food. Others, which go truly beyond, offer incredible dishes and stellar service. One woman shared her experience with an omakase restaurant in Dallas called Tatsu on Twitter and how the staff and chef made accommodations for her deaf sister — including learning how to sign the items on the menu.

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Nataly Keomoungkhoun shared that Tatsu is one of the Dallas’ “hardest reservations” to get and that the food is “unmatched.”

“But I want to tell you about the service at Tatsu Dallas,” she said. “I visited Tatsu Dallas for the first time in August. Loved it and told my friends and family. My sister, a big foodie, was able to score a reservation earlier this month and had an experience that she’ll remember for the rest of her life,” she wrote.

“She knew the hype behind the omakase tasting menu, and she understood that a lot of the meal is intimate and explained by word of mouth. My sister and her husband are Deaf, and it’s sometimes hard for them to communicate. She emailed Tatsu Dallas about accommodations.”

“The team sent over the tasting menu ahead of time, which allowed my sister and her husband to get an idea of what the night would look like. They were happen with that. But when they arrived at the restaurant on the night of their reservation, they were greeted in ASL.”

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And not only that — the chef learned how to sign the entire tasting menu: “Chef Tatsuya Sekiguchi also learned how to sign the entire tasting menu. My sister said she saw a printout behind the bar of how to sign parts of the menu. It blew her away and nearly brought me to tears.”

She shared a video of the Chef signing some of the items.

That’s truly inclusive service. We love to see it!

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*First Published: November 30, 2022, 12:33 pm