Man Gets Owned By Receipts After Posting One-Star Yelp Review

Most of us hate leaving negative reviews on Yelp. It always feels better to praise a business and its employees for the good work they’ve done than to blast them to the internet with a scathing review. And while sometimes you truly do have to let people know to take their business elsewhere, if you’re going to post that dreaded one-star review, make sure you can back it up with something that actually happened.

A man named David looking to hire someone to do work for the charity he manages learned the hard way not to be a total dick on Yelp after being called out for HIS actions as a potential client.

David was referred to Abs by a friend named Peter, who it sounds like worked at some charity himself. He emailed him with an urgent request, to which Abs appeared to immediately respond that his business has its hands full for the next six weeks, but they could take on David’s job after that if he wanted to wait.

The conversation immediately went downhill from there, with David already starting to berate Abs for not even asking what the job is.

Abs clarified: “I didn’t want to waste your time by having you explain the whole thing only to reject you at the end.” He also explained that he’s very busy and apologized if David thought he had been rude.

But David doubled down, despite Abs trying to smooth things over, calling him arrogant and making sure he understood that not working with him is truly Abs loss.

At some point during his tirade, David also announced that he would be leaving a one-star review on Yelp. That was the end of Abs patience, and he finally snapped back.

“1 star because I’m too busy. That’s fantastic,” he wrote. “You just go and do that and don’t let anyone tell you not to feel smug about it. Go ahead, spoil yourself a little.”

But the entitlement is strong with this one, and David laughed at the idea that Abs isn’t kissing his feet, claiming he’s “met maids and janitorial staff infinitely more professional than you” — a strange choice of insult considering neither maids nor janitors are known for their unprofessionalism, but David is clearly having A Moment here.

Abs keeps standing up for himself against the brunt of David’s anger, but the charity worker insists he’s going to ruin Abs’ business. What a powerful man!

Then came time for the actual review, and sure enough, David gave Abs’ business one-star, in an incredibly dull review that really just proves David couldn’t ruin anyone even if he tried.

But still, Abs wasn’t having it, and that’s when all the receipts got posted, making David look like a total fool.

David was quick to change his tune, commending Abs for all the work he does in a lengthy post, probably after getting ripped a new one by his supervisors for conducting business in this manner.

And Abs stepped up, too, not that he needed to.

But don’t you still feel sorry for whoever wound up having to work with David on this project? It certainly wasn’t Abs.