OnlyFans account owner Rebecca Goodwin, who makes over £100,000 (or over $123,000) per month from her modeling, has promised to help out low income families with her growing fortune by purchasing homes and renting them out at low prices. Goodwin, a single mother, struggled for years to feed her family, relying on help from the U.K. version of food stamps to get by before she started working on OnlyFans out of “desperation.”

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Not long after launching her account, she began to rake in serious cash, making over $2,000 in the space of 10 days in 2019. Soon, she was able to clear her debts, purchase a four-bedroom house, and land herself a Porsche. Her work has only become more popular since then, and she now wants to pay it forward with an affordable housing plan that she hopes to someday pass along to her kids, who are four and 11.

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“The ball is now rolling with my ‘affordable housing scheme,'” Goodwin tweeted last week. “My plan is to buy 8 properties outright and rent them out to low income families. One house I’ll be renting out is a 3 storey [sic], 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom house with off road parking for 2 cars, fully furnished, £650 a month!”

She came up with this idea in the midst of the U.K.’s cost of living crisis, as energy prices and other costs are skyrocketing across the nations and putting serious pressure on low income families during a cold winter.

The plan may not be entirely altruistic, as she has referred to it as a “side hustle” that will make her some extra money due to the fact that she purchased the homes outright, meaning that she will not have to pay a mortgage and all that rent goes to her.

“I make enough profit on OnlyFans, I have no mortgages so rent payments are 100% profit except maintenance and insurance, this is a side hustle that my kids can inherit,” she said in a Twitter comment.

Still, £650 a month amounts to just $800 — rent that anybody in the U.S. would consider to be an absolute steal right now even for just a one-bedroom apartment, let alone a four-bedroom house. Other landlords are currently raking it in right now.

At the very least, Goodwin might be able to claim the title of best landlord ever among those lucky enough to be chosen for her housing program. She certainly knows what it’s like to struggle financially, having faced the shame of not being able to throw her daughters a birthday party or even afford formula for her baby at one point.

“I had a lot of guilt over the things I couldn’t provide for them,” she said.

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Although she was hesitant to try her hand at the OnlyFans game, she was lucky to have come from a highly sex positive family and says that most of her family members know, including her eldest daughter, as well as her friends — and they are all perfectly supportive. She now loves the work she does, especially since she is able to work from home, and surely the paycheck also helps.

“My mum is all for it. She loves it,” said Goodwin.

“They are all very accepting because they saw how in trouble I was.”

Aside from the men coming in to try and give her financial advice, because there’s definitely no way that a lady could understand money, most commenters have offered Goodwin praise and support for this generous plan.

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*First Published: January 31, 2023, 2:50 pm