Conservative Arguing Guns Belong In Grocery Stores Gets Flooded With Facts

Alana Mastrangelo, a “reporter” for the far-right “news” website Breitbart, retweeted a photo of a woman with a comically large handgun strapped to her hip while perusing the bread aisle. The original tweet was posted by a man by the name of Roshan Rinaldi, who asked: “Why would someone need a huge handgun to buy bread?”

Mastrangelo countered with her own question: “Why would someone NOT carry a handgun while grocery shopping?”

The woman in the photo isn’t the only one who has been gratuitously open-carrying in everyday stores as the nation tries to recover from the back-to-back mass shootings that happened just over a week ago.

woman open carry grocery store

Multiple photos of men with assault weapons strapped to their backs have circulated with people widely asking one simple question: Why? The counter of “why not” from Mastrangelo is the only question that has produced some clear answers.

That last response in particular was also retweeted by Mastrangelo as evidence that we should definitely not have any gun control laws at all.

Community members have actually already been calling the police on people with guns, particularly around El Paso, Dayton, and outside any Walmart, and have likely prevented more mass shootings by doing so.

One of these days there’s going to be a shootout over by the bagged salad with both gun owners assuming they’re the “good guy with a gun” and the other is a “bad guy with a gun.”