Video Of Woman Berating Reporters For Wearing Masks Goes Viral

A Texas woman has gone viral not for refusing to wear a mask herself, but for berating others for wearing masks and “pushing the agenda.”

The rate of new COVID-19 cases in Texas has been skyrocketing, recently clocking in at 14% of new cases in the United States (despite Texas making up 9% of the country’s population). During the crisis, Governor Abbott has been notoriously reluctant to take precautions, even going so far as to order cities to lift stay-at-home rules at the start of May.

However, things finally got bad enough that he instituted a statewide mask mandate for anyone in a business or outdoor public space where social distancing isn’t possible, starting last Friday.

Anti-maskers were less than thrilled with this development, and a small group showed up at Houston City Hall to protest.

The UK’s Sky News had correspondents on site to cover the protest, and that’s when they encountered Oralia Acosta.

Acosta, of course, was not wearing a mask herself, and was apparently deeply angry that the news crew was masked up.

“You’re wearing a mask out of stupidity, and you’re further pushing the agenda, and the agenda is the deep state, which wants to control all of us and have us living in fear and thinking that you’re contaminated,” she told them. 

As the short interview went on, Acosta got more and more heated.

“It is false narrative!” she screamed. “And when you wear a mask, which you can certainly do, you are further pushing the agenda that is condemning all of us, and keeps us living in a state of terror.”

If everyone stopped wearing masks, COVID-19 wouldn’t magically go away.

Some people still seem to think COVID-19 is a hoax, despite nearly 550,000 people around the world having died from the virus so far this year.

Others seem to believe that masks do absolutely nothing, and exist only as a way for the government (or the “deep state”) to control us — this despite masks being worn throughout the world, being proven to reduce transmission by numerous studies, and no one being able to define what, exactly, the “deep state” is trying to gain by coercing people into wearing masks.

The rising number of people like Acosta, who not only refuse to wear masks themselves, but believe that others choosing to wear masks somehow threatens them, is both frustrating and disturbing to see.

And others have shared similar experiences with anti-maskers.

Unfortunately, things like “science” and “facts” don’t seem to work on people like this, and it seems unlikely these good ole public shamings are doing much good in changing their minds about COVID-19, either. So it looks like we’ll all just be stuck at home until there’s a vaccine! Oh, except they definitely won’t be taking that, either…