People Are Sharing Photos That Sum Up “Life During The Pandemic” So Far

The pandemic has fundamentally changed how we live and function in society. It’s impossible to believe things will ever completely go back to what we considered normal as recently as February, but until a vaccine comes through and we don’t have to worry about contracting/spreading a potentially deadly disease every time we interact with another person, things will remain particularly different — and difficult.

With so many people doing what they can to maintain social distancing protocols and stay safe, we aren’t directly seeing a lot of the impact this whole situation is having on others. We aren’t seeing much of others at all.

So to humanize the way the pandemic is hitting people, even people who aren’t dealing with COVID-19, Andy Slavitt decided to start a Twitter thread for people to share photos of their experience.

“I asked people to send one photograph & a short caption that best summarized their life during the pandemic,” he wrote, before sharing some that he had received.

The pictures ranged from quirky shifts in our priorities and day-to-day experiences to truly heartbreaking realities.

Fortunately, some were a little more light-hearted.

But some shared moments that will be lost to the pandemic forever.

And others have begun chiming in on Slavitt’s thread, sharing their own pictures that summarize the last several months.

Whenever we finally come out on the other side of this pandemic — whatever that ends up looking like — it’s clear that the photos and memories from this time will stand apart from anything else in our lifetime. And so many of them are being experienced alone.