Son’s Viral Video Of Parents Getting Green Cards Shows The Huge Time And Work It Really Takes

One of Donald Trump’s biggest agendas is persecuting immigrants in the U.S. He is mostly only interested in people coming from Mexico and South America or countries that are predominantly Muslim. He seems very chill with white European and Canadian immigrants. He might not even be aware that they exist?

Trump’s policies are obviously based in racist ideology, and he has been ramping up his hateful efforts in recent weeks. In Mississippi on Wednesday, several hundred people were arrested at their place of work, CBS News reports, separating families and leaving children to come home to empty houses.

To any reasonable person, these measures are cruel and irresponsible. To Trump supporters, they’re an excuse to yell, “Well, they should have come here legally!”

A young man names Alex decided to share his parents’ story on Twitter. Both of his parents recently became legal residents—and it took them 25 years and thousands of dollars.

“For those ignorant trump supporters who say ‘why don’t they just come here legally,'” Alex wrote, “It took my parents 25 YEARS and THOUSANDS of dollars to finally become residents. Blessed to say my parents dreams finally became true.”

He shared a video of them opening the letter officially making them legal residents of the U.S., and their emotional reaction. He also had a clip of them crossing the border so they could walk on Mexican soil again:

Alex’s mom had been unable to see her family in Mexico for years. Her own parents had died while she was waiting for her residency. She finally got to see her brothers and sisters after 25 years, and celebrate with them:

Alex wanted to share this story to highlight not only how long the process is to become a legal resident in the U.S., but the number of sacrifices it requires. No one would do this casually or for fun. In many instances, it’s a matter of life and death.

For some, it’s the only way to provide for their children and families. The years of uncertainty and fear that they would be discovered and deported took a toll on everyone in the family, not just mom and dad:

Alex’s tweet prompted other children of immigrants to share their parents’ stories:

Coming here legally is not an option for most of the people who need to leave their country of origins. And if Trump could have his way, it would be impossible.