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“Parking Lot Karen” Sits On Teens’ Car To Keep Them From An Open Spot

It seems like every day, another video is going viral featuring some overly entitled Karen intent on getting her way no matter how many people she inconveniences or disregards during the process. 

While some of these incidents have been downright dangerous, the most recent TikTok going viral thanks to the audacity of a white woman features a lady refusing to let some teens park in a spot she wants at the beach.

The original uploader, Savannah, was in the passenger seat while she and her friend Brooke were looking for a place to park to go walk around at the beach.

They went around a car that she says had been “completely stopped” in the aisle of the lot for a few minutes, and down at the end of the lane, they finally spotted an open parking space. 

“My friend puts her blinker on, and we’re waiting, and then all of a sudden, in the rear view mirror, we see the ‘Karen’ walking up to our car,” Savannah said.

The woman said she’d been blocking the rest of the beach traffic waiting for a spot to open up, and felt that the one Brooke and Savannah were about to claim was her rightful spot. When the teens disagreed, she responded by sitting on the car while yelling for her daughter to pull into the spot.

“I’m not sitting on her car,” she insisted, plopped firmly down on the hood. “I’m leaning on it.”

“You really hate your life, don’t you?” Savannah asked.

“No, I love my life and I have my brand new grandbaby in there who we’re trying to take for a walk,” she replied as angrily as ever.

Another spot opened up right next to the original one during the argument, and both girls can be heard repeatedly informing the woman of that helpful information. But it still took her awhile to budge, though her daughter appeared never to comply with her wishes of pulling ahead of the teens and taking the original spot out from under them.

People disagree on parking lot decorum, but everyone can agree that sitting on a car to stop it from parking in a spot you want is…not it.

And folks are just impressed the teens didn’t drive off and leave Karen to fail flat on her face.

In a series of follow ups, Savannah explained the events leading up to what she caught on video.


part 1 ~ thank you all for waiting🥰 (@brookesnoww ‘s car)

♬ original sound - savsoares

part 2 ~ should i go live & answer questions in full detail? lmk!

♬ original sound - savsoares

She also said they ultimately did wind up parking side-by-side in the two spots that became available, but that the woman refused to get out of her car until Brooke and Savannah left to go down to the beach.

Picking a fight with strangers over a parking spot, especially when you’ve got a baby waiting in the car, doesn’t seem like the best choice. Hope the day at the beach was worth it, Karen!