Anti-Maskers Throwing Tantrums Get Edited Into A “Parks And Rec” Town Hall Meeting

All the anti-mask “activists” going to town halls and votes to rant against local mask mandates have people making comparisons to the acclaimed TV series Parks and Recreation, which often showed the stupider side of local politics. One actor and producer created a video mixing clips of the show’s characters reacting to clips of these anti-maskers with hilarious effect.

Meanwhile, New York Actor Crawford M. Horton might be watching his career take off after posting a hilarious “audition” for the show, which consisted of him reciting the words of an anti-mask woman who went viral for her bizarre rant against a Florida mask mandate. The woman was one of a number of individuals who got up to yell at the Palm Beach County commissioners for unanimously approving a mandate requiring masks to be worn in public during the coronavirus pandemic.

Horton simply recites her exact words over the video of her speaking, adding in some flourishes to further dramatize her speech.

The 85-second video goes all the way from “you literally cannot mandate somebody to wear a mask knowing that that mask is killing people” to “all of you are practicing the devil’s law,” adding head bobs, amazing facial expressions, and a perfectly-placed triple snap over “right the heck now.”

This woman is among an alarming number of anti-mask individuals grasping onto the latest conspiracy theory justifying their selfish behavior, claiming that wearing a mask for any amount of time will “literally” kill you. It’s gotten so bad that health professionals have actually been compelled to release videos of themselves wearing masks and using pulse oximeters to show that their blood oxygen levels don’t change.

The only upside is that this “movement” has provided many opportunities for comedy, including this gem of a video. Horton’s audition was so good that it gained over 3.2 million views in less than two days as well as a blessing from Nick Offerman himself.

Offerman, of course, plays the beloved character Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation. More of these, please.