There is a certain type of American Christian that likes to think they are being oppressed, that their rights are being trampled, and that they are losing power quickly. Obviously Christianity is the major religion in America, with a number of different sects and lots of influence in politics and the media.

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So, if any Christian says they are being shoved in the basement for their beliefs, please feel free to laugh at them — or tell them off, like this pastor on TikTok.

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The pastor, who goes by the TikTok handle of knothead9620 calls himself a “Feral Lutheran Pastor.” His TikTok page is filled with videos where he discusses faith, gay and trans rights, and issues related to the church. In one particular video, which has gone viral on Twitter, he has words for Christians who profess oppression.

“Stop the whining and sniveling right now,” he begins as he rolls up what looks like a newspaper and uses it the emphasize his words.


“There are Christians in the world who are oppressed, yes,” he continues. “There are Christians in North Korea who can’t go to worship without risking being thrown into a gulag. There are Christians in Palestine who can’t even get to their churches because of Israeli checkpoints and walls. You are not oppressed as a Christian in this country.”

“You’re whining and crying because what? Because nobody’s letting you treat gay people like sh*t anymore?”

“STOP IT!” he finishes.

Folks on Twitter wondered whether or not the pastor was actually real, which the OP chose to comment on:

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“The on[e] thing I have learned from this Tweet is that…1. Liberals can’t believe that this man is a real pastor because he has compassion. 2. Conservatives can’t believe this man is a real pastor because he has compassion. Funny how that works out.”


Others praised the pastor’s words.


One Twitter user said that the pastor is definitely real and shared his Twitter account:


The Pastor took to Twitter himself to clarify some things:

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Apparently, he also makes pens and other arts and crafts!

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*First Published: January 24, 2023, 12:53 pm