Conservatives who get angry when celebrities speak out against Trump because it “ruins” the movies they once loved are about to have a conniption fit if they’ve bought any clothing from Patagonia recently.

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The company, which sells “outdoor clothing and gear for the silent sports,” has apparently sewn a hidden message into the tags of all its new products. And it is not remotely subtle.

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They really didn’t even need to specify who the “a**holes” in this situation are — we all know. But in case anyone wants to pretend otherwise, someone else shared an email Patagonia sent out recently, urging people to vote out anyone who doesn’t believe in climate change.

People were jumping on the opportunity to buy new Patagonia clothing after seeing this hidden gem.

And some took a moment to think of all the bros who are likely discovering this post-purchase.

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Of course, some people cynically complained that this sassy tag is just another company capitalizing on the current climate (no pun intended).

But others were quick to respond with examples of all the times Patagonia has put its money behind its beliefs.

If you live in a cold climate (for now), it might be time to pull out that credit card and head on over to your nearest Patagonia for some new gear you can wear to the polls in November. You won’t break any rules showing up to the voting booth with this secret tag tucked away under your clothes, but you’ll know it’s there.

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*First Published: September 16, 2020, 6:33 am