Republican Representative Paul Gosar is getting dunked on from all sides for a rare introspective tweet about the coronavirus in which he mused that he would “rather die gloriously in battle than from a virus” after a day of “thinking about life and mortality.” He tweeted this along with the cover art for the 2018 film The Great Battle, which depicts the Siege of Ansi in Korea in the year 645.

There’s nothing surprising about someone thinking about mortality as a dangerous virus spreads across the country and the stock market tanks, especially after it was discovered that someone with the coronavirus attended the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in February and the virus can take up to 28 days to incubate. It’s less surprising from Gosar in particular, who is under a self-imposed quarantine along with Ted Cruz after they both shook that individual’s hand at the event.

However, the idea that Paul Gosar would ever “die gloriously in battle” is cracking people up. And you’re allowed to laugh, because the tweet before that one was a retweet of American Majority founder Ned Ryun saying that refusing to be racist about the coronavirus is communism.

This kind of insistence on being racist is apparently why he called the coronavirus “the Wuhan virus” in his statement announcing his quarantine.

“I am announcing that I, along with 3 of my senior staff, are officially under self-quarantine after sustained contact at CPAC with a person who has since been hospitalized with the Wuhan Virus. My office will be closed for the week,” he said. “We are all asymptomatic and feel great. But we are being proactive and cautious.”

Cool beans, Paul. Try being not racist while you’re at it. Or get ready to spend your entire quarantine seeing tweets making fun of your melodrama with random and hilarious images.

You’ll die old in bed like the rest of us, Paul.

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*First Published: March 9, 2020, 11:48 am