Paul Rudd and Charlotte Wilder

Paul Rudd Makes A Fan’s Day By Recreating His “Look At Us” Meme At A Kansas City Chiefs Game

Actor and comedian Paul Rudd is getting a lot of praise for indulging a fan after she spotted him on her flight on Saturday. Sports Illustrated Senior Writer Charlotte Wilder live-tweeted her slightly awkward but daring experience trying to get up the courage to reference one of the most beloved Rudd-related memes on the internet.

“Paul Rudd is on my flight to KC and I’m fighting the urge to stop by his seat and say, ‘Hey, look at us. Who would’ve thought?’ just to see if he’ll say, ‘Not me!’” Wilder wrote.

The meme references an episode of the popular YouTube series Hot Ones in which celebrities are invited to eat wings smothered in progressively spicier hot sauces to see if they can get to the end of the ten-wing challenge while answering interview questions. During the episode with Rudd, the actor says, “Hey, look at us,” to which host Sean Evans replies, “Who would’ve thought?” In classic form, Rudd says, “Not me!”

The candor of this moment quickly became a meme, and Rudd has been leaning into it ever since. Still, Wilder wasn’t sure if he would appreciate a stranger engaging with him over it.

Wilder wrote that Rudd “seemed to appreciate” her chickening out on the meme, and that she told him he could find her if he wanted to talk about the Chiefs. Both were apparently on the way to the Chiefs’ game, with the end of the story featuring a photo of him in a team Jersey with Wilder after he made her dreams come true.

Celebrities are not always the most approachable people, at times understandably tired of strangers coming up to them to quote things they said constantly. People are therefore highly appreciative of this story of Paul Rudd being so kind to a fan.

To be fair, I think we’re all jealous of Wilder right now.