Twitter Mocks Trump’s New Spiritual Adviser, Who Says “Saying No To Trump Is Saying No To God”

Donald Trump’s ratings amongst most demographics are in the toilet, and if you don’t believe the data, believe how frequently he gets booed in public places. One place where he still remains powerful is in the evangelical Christian community, possibly because they’ve been conditioned to giving all their money to opportunists who make no sense.

To keep his popularity with this base strong, Trump has hired a woman named Paula White, according to a video story created by Now This. White has been called Trump’s “personal pastor and spiritual adviser,” but now she has an official job, working for the Faith And Opportunity Initiative.

The program was created to give religious organizations more of a say in government programs.

The video covers a lot of the most horrifying things about White’s beliefs and behaviors. For one, she’s a proponent of the prosperity gospel, which is a sect that believes God is basically an investment banker. The more you give to the church, specifically White’s church, the more money will flow your way. If you don’t, your “dreams will die,” White threatens.

As you might suspect, much of the money White has accrued seems to have gone into her own pocket. She flies in a private jet, has a $3.5 million condo in Trump Tower and another million-dollar house in Florida. She was also investigated in 2007 by the Senate Finance Committee for misuse of donations.

On top of that, clips of her sermons are quite alarming, though they may seem pretty normal to evangelicals. For anyone outside that church, it’s a bit abrasive to hear White speak in tongues, talk about how “saying no to Trump is saying no to God,” and explain how she is going to demolish demon networks and make the White House holy with her presence. And this is what her creepy husband looks like:

People are mocking White, and Trump for associating with her:

Maybe it’s good that White has become the face of faith in the White House. It could shore up the evangelical vote in the next election, but it could also remind everyone that these are the types of people Trump’s base trusts. We can’t let them keep making decisions in this country.