Girl Asks For Opinions On Whether It’s Okay To Use “Peanut Repellent” On Her Allergic Sister

In a particularly interesting installment of Reddit’s “Am I The A**hole,” a 17-year-old is wondering if it’s wrong to use what she calls “peanut repellent” in order to stop her sister from stealing her food. Her sister has a relatively minor peanut allergy and a penchant for stealing a coveted local food item, and user “wo1nks3” got fed up with it.

“I(17F) am a person who love to snack and have a special addiction on cheese pretzels from a specific bakery,” she writes. “The place is rather far from my place, and since I don’t drive, I would spend about an hour and half or so on bus to and fro just to buy them once in a while.”

AITA peanut repellent story

The Reddit user’s younger sister, 13, would then constantly try to steal them, eating them all without remorse.

“My younger(13F) sister loves them too, and she is always too lazy and stingy to buy for herself that she would steal from me,” she wrote. “When she does steal, she would take the whole box of 6 and finish them before I realized they are missing. Whenever I confront her, she would laugh and say that I don’t need all that since I am so fat.”

Thievery and fat-shaming? Someone’s going to the bad place.

Rather than trying and failing to hide them or get help from their mother, the 17-year-old came up with a rather ingenious solution to the problem.

AITA peanut repellent story

“I bought some breadcrumbs and would now sprinkle them on top of my pretzels in front of my sister whenever I buy them, announcing to her that they are peanut crumbs, so that she would stop stealing them anymore. She did stop.”

The author explained that her sister’s allergy only caused her to look “nasty” for a bit but it wasn’t life-threatening. Plus, of course, bread crumbs are not actually peanuts. Still, she’s facing harsh words from both her sister and her mom and is wondering if her peanut repellent trick is wrong.

Commenters have widely declared this 17-year-old to be “Not the A-hole,” citing the fact that her sister is in no danger and that she is in the wrong for stealing.

AITA peanut repellent story comment

AITA peanut repellent story comments

Others feel that it’s the mother’s responsibility to take control of this situation rather than letting her 13-year-old steal with impunity.

Also, nut puns.

AITA peanut repellent story comments

Reddit users sure are nutty.