23 Examples Of People Failing At Life Under The Coronavirus Pandemic

Living under the coronavirus pandemic hasn’t been easy. Most of us are struggling in some form or another, whether we’re trying to get clear and consistent information out of current federal administration (good luck to us), coping with unemployment or the loss of loved ones, or just missing our friends and families and normal way of life.

With this level of stress and exhaustion, you can forgive people for being a little stupid lately. But that doesn’t mean you can’t laugh at them. Also, some of them go beyond stupid into territory that could endanger the lives of others, so feel free to laugh at them without any guilt at all.

From the people protesting social distancing orders, calling COVID-19 fake while wearing protective gear, to the people who are trying to do life under a pandemic right but just missed the mark, humans everywhere are failing. It happens, and if you get caught on camera or don’t delete a post fast enough and end up going viral, you can take solace in the knowledge that at least you brought people some laughs during a time when we all really need it.

That being said, here is a selection of the biggest idiots we could find around the internet right now:

1. Who said school makes you smarter?

2. Pretty bad.

3. Is she… protesting her own health?

4. We don’t have stocking robots. Yet.

5. Think of it as a “lack of common sense” tax.

6. They tried.

7. Gloves are great protection from a virus as long as you don’t put any part of them in your mouth.

8. Pretty sure some of those pubs probably closed though.

9. Also, remember to remove your gloves before you eat anything.

10. You don’t actually have to buy four, but it’s still not the best look.

11. She’s not laughing anymore.

12. As though Democrats were competent enough to pull this off.

13. Turns out viruses spread where there are humans to spread it to.


15. Whose left?

16. Like the beer, corona beans are not made of coronavirus.

17. Who would have thought?

18. You can’t catch viruses from video games, we promise.

19. Belfast was famously not peaceful during the 1970s.

20. Life, like COVID-19, comes at you fast.

21. Start at the top, mom.

22. Hello, 911? I’d like to report a moron.

23. Someone stop this guy from injecting hand sanitizer into his veins.