Quitting a job can be a terrifying experience. Many of us were raised to keep pushing through even if something is a bad fit, or employers don’t treat workers well, or if we’re miserable, because that’s just the way the world works.

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But that viewpoint is what’s caused working conditions to become so awful — the idea that employers can mistreat their employees or do whatever they want because people are so desperate for jobs. That may be something that’s gradually shifting, if social media is to be believed, but changing our own personal outlook on the idea of quitting can still be tough.

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Scholar Helana Darwin recently asked Twitter users to share their stories of quitting their jobs to help her come to terms with her own choices.

“Roll call- who has quit a job?” they asked. “Please help me feel less alone and more secure in this decision to walk away from a situation that was rapidly deteriorating my health.”

It wasn’t long before the responses poured in, from people who faced hard decisions to others who were fed up and easily said enough is enough. Darwin seemed to find comfort in them, following her initial request up with a note that “everyone who replied to this tweet is brave as f—k,” so maybe they can inspire others who know deep down it’s time to move on but haven’t quite been able to take that leap.



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*First Published: October 25, 2021, 10:15 am