People Who Have Been Told ‘Go Back to Your Country’ Are Sharing Their Experiences

Donald Trump recently leapt over his already high bar for racist rhetoric by tweeting that four Democratic congresswomen should ‘go back to their own countries,’ implying that none of them were from America. That’s right, the country where they are legally elected officials. Trump is obviously a racist who only sees white people as citizens of the country he presides over, but he still manages to shock everyone sometimes with how open he is about it.

Kind of.

Trump might be shocking white Americans who are not heinous racists, but many people of color have been met with this phrase throughout their lives. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, one of his targets, responded by saying his statement was the “hallmark language of white supremacists.”

Trump might be saying “go back to your country” out loud on Twitter for the first time, but it’s not the first time POC have had the phrase wielded against them. People began sharing times they have had someone say that to them—on the internet, at work, in the schoolyard, and on the street.

The phrase obviously has nothing to do with a person’s actual origins. Some people shared how nonsensical the phrase is in relation to where they actually grew up (as well as how racist):

This sort of racist harassment isn’t actually about immigration at all, as some white immigrants have pointed out. There are many white immigrants here on visas—and illegally! But they’re not the target of Donald Trump or his cronies, and some shared how different their experience has been:

Ironically, there are very few people who are more American than the women working to transform our government as elected officials. If they didn’t care so much about their country, their lives would probably be a lot easier!