A massive portion of the U.S. south endured some extremely unusual weather over the weekend, leaving them buried in snow and ice in freezing temperatures that their states were simply not prepared for.

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Texas in particular is suffering as many people have gone without power for days, partly because their privatized electrical grid couldn’t handle everyone cranking up their thermostat.

Out of the chaos has come some incredible photos of things Texans had never thought they would see freeze over, including their swimming pools, playgrounds, fountains, indoor fans, eggs, and, unfortunately, their toilets.

Some are coping by trying to have some fun, making some snow art, or just laughing at the incredible predicament they’ve been left in as they use their grills to melt snow for water and make dinner with headlamps.

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Others have had to innovate in order to get through at all, like the guy using a riding lawnmower and a TV box as a snow plow and families setting up tents in their living rooms to keep warm.

Truly, it is a winter wonderland of horrors down there, all thanks to the climate change problem that the people in charge of Texas are pretending doesn’t exist. But don’t think about that too hard, just enjoy these photos while you still have electricity to power your internet:

1. “Plowing snow with a cardboard TV box.”


3. “I was basically in my car with my mom from 8 am until close to 6 pm today just staying warm, finding food, and getting gas. Welcome to Houston. I miss last week”

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4. “At least one guy is enjoying the Texas blackouts.”


5. “Left the faucet dripping to keep the pipes from freezing. It didn’t work out. Taylor, Texas.”



7. “Guess I’ll just wait til next week.”


8. “I mean…. its not often you can say you went snowboarding in Texas”


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9. “Probably the best picture I have ever taken of Mops. She enjoyed the Texas snow today!”


10. “My Mother in Texas made some incredible octopus Art out of the snow to bring some light into the dark times.”


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*First Published: February 17, 2021, 11:58 am