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Woman’s Viral Video Of Man Punching Her Reclined Plane Seat Sparks Twitter Debate

Because humans never fail to act like immature, childish little brats when they are in any not entirely pleasant situation, the Internet has been treated to a display so ridiculous that it has people divided. In a tweet by user @MarinaMarraco, we see a man in the last seat on a plane (whose seat does not recline) punching the fully reclined seat in front of him.

Frankly, she’s a jerk for reclining when she shouldn’t, and he’s a child for resorting to violent antics—but apparently, the Internet is picking sides.

In fact, the tweet got so much attention that it became the subject of media attention. The woman, Wendi Williams, said that the American Airlines flight crew failed to help her (and even offered him rum to chill him out) when the man started punching her seat.

Here’s her original tweet, which contained the video. In it, she says, “He was angry that I reclined my seat and punched it about 9 times.”

She also claimed to have had bad headaches after the situation:

Even though he’s clearly behaving too aggressively, we all know that just because you CAN recline your seat doesn’t mean you should. Plus, they were flying from New Orleans to Charlotte. It’s a quick flight. Couldn’t she just not recline her chair into the space of someone without space? And couldn’t he refrain from acting out?

Here’s what Twitter had to say about this ridiculousness. A lot of people thought she was invading HIS space by reclining…

While lots of people thought, if the seat reclines, you should recline it.

Other people mentioned that he shouldn’t have booked the last seat if he didn’t want to deal with the space issues…

The real problem is the airlines. They’re money-obsessed, so they cram people into tiny spots so emotions are heightened and discomfort is the norm.

Some people wanted to know HIS side of story, considering Wendi has been tweeting about her perspective nonstop…

And then others mentioned that they pay extra for legroom to avoid the dude’s whole debacle. But not everyone can afford extra legroom, which is why people should try to make the best of a bad situation.

Other people just tried to ideate around possible solutions…

While some blamed the airlines entirely. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

What do you think?