Viral Tweet Thread Perfectly Summarizes Why It’s Impossible To Get Justice For Police Brutality

Black Lives Matter protests in cities and states across the country heard the chants of “no justice, no peace” as a rallying cry in the wake of the killing of George Floyd—but it also leads you to wonder, why is there never any justice? How many Black people have to be killed by police officers before we, as a nation, collectively decide to do something about it?

Though it feels like we’re finally on the precipice of real change, there’s still a long way to go and it’s going to take hard work and determination. To illustrate just how wildly the cards are stacked against us, Twitter user @Dark_Tesla summarized this wholly fucked up system we have to overcome with a hypothetical conversation spanned across several tweets.

“Wow. Cops killed a black man. Look at this video, he was begging for his life and they were laughing,” reads the first tweet, with the imaginary second person adding: “That’s terrible. But fortunately, they can be prosecuted for murder.”

“Oh, my. You’re new to America, aren’t you? The prosecutor will decline to indict,” responds the first imaginary person, before getting into the real thick of it. Buckle in for a wild ride that will leave you with feelings and anger and hopelessness!

The conversation then pivoted to the subject of protests, and why even those have traditionally failed to incite change.

And so, the cycle starts anew. As if right on cue, this week saw more voter suppression in the state of Georgia, as polls in areas with a high concentration of Black voters saw long lines, broken machines, and even delayed opening times.

“It’s the same game that we were fighting 50 years ago,” said Bobby Fuse, a 68-year-old political strategist who attended his first civil rights march as a 13-year-old in July 1965, in an interview with CNN. “There’s always some sneaky trick that’s played. This time, they had a whole bunch of sneaky tricks.”