A single lemon and single apple left on the shelves during coronavirus panic-shopping

Polite Minnesotans Are Leaving One Last Item On Store Shelves While Stockpiling

A local quirk common to polite midwesterners has manifested in a darkly hilarious form as people continue panic-shopping during the coronavirus pandemic. One Minnesotan individual started sharing photos of single pieces of fruit and other grocery items left on otherwise empty shelves due to a “cultural taboo about taking the last piece.”

You can’t just take the last lemon. What if someone else is in dire need of garnishes for the drinks they’ll be making at home to get themselves through self-isolation?

Twitter user “the hoziest” shared these photos late Wednesday and people are loving it. Other Minnesotans have jumped in with their own examples of absurd politeness in a time of plague.

It’s not just food items that have been left behind, either. This may have been from a different time than the current pandemic (although maybe not since people are having to entertain their kids all day now), but the one lonely My Little Pony left on the shelf is somehow extra funny.

It’s also not just Minnesotans. People from other midwestern states have chimed in to say that they’ve seen the same thing happening in their stores. Canadians, of course, are experiencing the same phenomenon. Someone all the way in Malaysia also sent their own photo of a single sad egg left behind in a large carton.

Meanwhile, people in Scandanavia nations are offering a simple explanation. Many Minnesotans can trace their roots to countries like Norway and Sweden due to the fact that many immigrants from these countries, for whatever reason, settled in that particular state. And if you thought cultural politeness was strong in Canada, you should check out Norway and Sweden.

Interestingly, however, these politeness norms may not extend to rival neighbor state Wisconsin, if this individual living on the border is to be believed:

Many other Minnesotans have confirmed seeing this phenomenon while others say that their local grocery shelves are bare, so maybe politeness is stronger in some areas of the states than others. Either way, it never stops being funny.