dads with leaf blowers

Portland Protesters Are Using Leaf Blowers To Fight Police Tear Gas Tactics

Protests have been raging in Portland, as they have been all over the U.S. In fact, there are protests all over the world because the world is a deeply unjust place and people are fed up. In Hong Kong, protests have become an art form as they’ve gone on now for over a year. This video in October went viral because it showed a genius tactic used by a Hong Kong protestor who wanted to get the tear gas released by police as far away from himself and everyone around him as possible. All it requires is a leaf blower:

The burning gas gets blown away from the canister as the leaf blower focuses its power on the stream. Leaf blowers are fairly easy to transport and having one at the scene of the protest can defend a lot of people at once.

This method has found its way to Portland, where the protests started this summer in response to racist police violence against Black men and women, in particular the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Black Lives Matter protests continue, but they now have the added element of Donald Trump sending in federal officers to disappear citizens in unmarked vans.

Mike Baker, a correspondent for the New York Times, has been sharing clips of the scene on Twitter. And he’s seeing leaf blowers popping up to blow tear gas back on the feds:

It’s a welcome sight to everyone, who are enjoying this payback after days of burning eyes and faces:

And the Portland Dads have shown up with their leaf blowers at the ready, as dads will:

Unfortunately, the police have gotten wise to the power of landscaping equipment and bought some of their own tools:

Is anyone else imagining two lines of people just blowing the tear gas back and forth and up into the sky?