Preacher Pauses While Speaking In Tongues To Check His Phone And It’s Hilarious

A lot of videos get called “funny” online and few truly deserve it as much as this video of a preacher speaking in tongues and then stopping to check his phone. In religious circumstances, “speaking in tongues” means you’re in such a state of religious fervor that the spirit will take you over and disrupt regular prayer or speech. Someone might even speak in a language they’ve never heard. It’s supposed to be a moment of intense transcendence. But in some Christian sects, it’s just another part of the program. There are obviously a lot of fakers who pretend to be possessed and preachers who know the congregants expect a little tongue.

This video shared by @nuns_on_film shows one preacher who is literally phoning it in. He is so nakedly pretending to speak in tongues that he picks up his cell in the middle to check his notifications and just groans as he scrolls through for half a minute. It’s hilarious.

What’s the best part? How relatable it is? His lack of enthusiasm for prayer? The person cleaning the table as he moans? So many things to choose from.

According to the Daily Dot, the preacher has been identified as televangelist and Pentecostal minister Perry Stone. People familiar with the evangelical community have chimed in to say that tongues isn’t supposed to include any English. It’s languages that are unknown, either never heard before or dead languages no one knows. It’s actually a pretty pagan idea, like you’re conjuring spirits who use your body to speak. Religion is wild.


Like, yes, clearly he’s faking, but why fake it so stupidly? Some people think that anyone following Perry Stone in the first place will believe anything.

It’s true that the humor in this is undercut somewhat by how many people actually believe in Perry Stone and his connection to the Lord. If anyone reading this is a follower, please know that anyone who can talk to God does not need an iPhone to do it.