A photo of five teenage girls in prom dresses and holding large firearms has gone viral on Twitter after a Montana mom posted it to Facebook with the hashtags #proudmomma and #lionsnotsheep.

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For people who are not obsessed with owning as many firearms as possible, it looks less like a proud moment and more like the most uncomfortable, forced prom night photo someone’s mom made some poor girl and her friends take in order to show them off to other gun enthusiasts.

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It’s unclear if the slight smiles are supposed to look tough or are just the result of absolutely hating the photo op. The girl in the middle just looks terrified and the one next to her looks like she’s mid-blink. All in all, pretty much your average prom night photo, but with guns.

The mom, Anna Tooke, apparently talked to the local conservative radio show guy about the photo, saying that the girls are sophomores at Broadview High School and that they’ve been friends since kindergarten. She also claims that they’re all voluntary gun lovers and Trump fans.

“They all come from strong Montana roots and have even had their own ‘group chat’ titled Trump Supporters,” she said. “Every one of them knows how to shoot.”

While Tooke may be proud, many others who were subjected to the photo found little to be proud of and issuing reminders of just how many kids are shot and killed by guns on a daily basis. Some also speculated that the girls were forced or at least pressured to pose with the guns as none of them appear to be having a good time.

According to Everytown Research & Policy, Montana has the 8th highest rate of death by gun violence in the U.S. An incredible 86 percent of these deaths are suicides. About 208 people die every year in the state due to gun violence and, like in any state, those girls are significantly more likely to find a gun in their home turned against them by a violent romantic partner than to use one of those guns for self-defense.

It’s also just a really bad photo.

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*First Published: May 11, 2021, 10:13 am