Leaked Script For Child Detention Center Propaganda Film: ‘Capture As Much Beauty As Possible’

Homestead is a very misleading name for a facility used to house the children of migrant families, and it has been in the news this past year in only negative ways. As CBS News reported in July, Amnesty International investigated the place twice, and found the facilities not just inadequate for their purpose, but basically a million human rights violations under a roof:

“Homestead is not a home for children,” said Denise Bell, researcher for refugee and migrant rights and Amnesty International USA. “Homestead is an industrial line for processing mass numbers of children, instead of focusing on their best interests. The message from this administration is clear: if children come to the US fleeing for their lives, the government will lock them up and make it as difficult as possible to secure their release.”

For a bit more context, Homestead had 2100 children between the ages 13 and 17 when Amnesty International first visited in April of 2019. By July, they had 2500 kids, most of whom spent an average of 89 days on the premises, waiting to be reunited with their families if possible.

The bad press has a solution: a family-friendly propaganda film. Reporter Ken Kippenstein wrote a story for The Young Turks about his discovery that a lobbying and public relations group called Qorvis wrote a script for re-branding Homestead as a good and wonderful place:

The leaked script basically implies that the government will pay filmmakers to create a movie montage of kids enjoying their detainment in a home-y, cozy atmosphere, as opposed to massive air-conditioned tents filled with bunk beds. Here’s a little snippet up to get your bile up”

“The HS [Homestead] employee addresses the tight quarters. He or she acknowledges that it may be close but it is clean, warm and safe because welfare is a top priority.”

“Maybe there is an anecdote about some of the conditions this [sic] innocent children have come from compared to what they have at homestead. There might be a comment on how what goes on here is very different than what has been happening at CBP facilities”

“We see exteriors of Homestead. It is a former military base but we shoot it to capture as much beauty as possible.”

As much beauty as possible on this military base where the United States now imprisons children.

Klippenstein reached out to all the potential parties involved and got no answers on whether or not this film ever got greenlit, or if Qorvis floated the concept pro bono. We already have a president who lies incessantly, so it probably won’t be long before he starts his own production company to Make America Great Again (In Theaters Only).