As the positive effects of stay-at-home orders and general social distancing begin to show, people who have a high chance of being regular Fox News viewers have started coming out to protest these life-saving measures across the U.S. It’s bad enough seeing people hold up signs saying things like “I want a haircut” as though personal grooming is worth human lives, but this one protester in particular is just confusing.

Many of these protesters have expressed opinions that COVID-19 isn’t as dangerous as we’ve been told in spite of actual, horrifying footage of workers digging mass graves in New York. Some apparently believe that the entire illness has been made up, including this individual, who for some reason still decided to show up to the protest in full protective gear, including a face mask, goggles, and a full hazard suit to hold a sign saying “COVID-19 IS A LIE.”

They’re also wearing a hat that says “American worker” (as though the rest of us aren’t) and there appear to be additional messages written on the fake hazmat suit in marker. The sign also features additional text that is too small for anyone to read without violating social distancing guidelines.

Protests like these have popped up in multiple U.S. states, with people demanding to be allowed to go back to their unfulfilling jobs and blocking ambulances trying to get to nearby hospitals with their vehicle trains that allow them to practice the social distancing they don’t think should be enforced. This has all been under the support of Donald Trump, who has encouraged protesters with tweets calling for people to “liberate” certain states that just happen to be swing states.

It’s unclear whether the protective gear worn by this protester is supposed to be some kind of joke draped in several layers of irony, but for the majority of people, whatever that was supposed to be, it clearly missed the mark. Instead, everyone is mocking this person in between despairing for the future of humanity.

You could at least donate that gear to your local hospitals just in case.

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*First Published: April 21, 2020, 11:38 am