Protestors Pile Up Body Bags Outside Trump’s Hotel

A demonstration was held outside the Trump International Hotel in D.C. Thursday night by an alliance of organizations called the Center for Popular Democracy Action, according to DCist. Demonstrators laid out body bags in front of the hotel to remind Trump and anyone watching what the consequences of his actions have been:

This past week the U.S. hit a new high in COVID-19 related deaths, with over 50,000 official deaths recorded in the country. Many of these deaths could have been avoided with a proper response from government officials. Instead, in the weeks after being informed about the approaching epidemic, Donald Trump encouraged people to attend his rallies and promised that one day the virus would just magically disappear. Testing was delayed, keeping the official tally in the country low—or more accurately, undocumented.

Since then, Trump has seemed to accept that the novel coronavirus is here and it’s deadly. It hasn’t made him a better president. He is sewing discord, sharing misinformation about phony cures that involve drinking bleach, and inciting citizens to revolt against the stay-at-home orders of stat government. Trump wants to reopen businesses, because he seems to care more about the economy far more than human life.

One organizer, Jennifer Flynn Walker, told reporters that the demonstration was inspired as a counter-protest to lockdown protestors who were taking to the streets with no masks to demand haircuts last week.

“We needed to do something to show that most of the country believes in science, thinks that Trump is failing,” Flynn Walker said. “We really do see that tens of thousands of people dying from COVID is a direct result of his failure as a leader.”

In addition to the body bags, which were fashioned from trash bags, the demonstration included a motorcade:

Dozens of cars lined up from Freedom Plaza to Pennsylvania Avenue, covered in signs about Trump’s lies and the failure to provide healthcare workers with proper PPE in hospitals..Will trump even notice? More importantly, will these protestors get as much coverage as the lockdown protestors? They should, because they’re the only ones making a point.