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“QAnon Karen” Destroys Target Mask Display, Claims Direct Line To President Trump

A woman in Scottsdale, Arizona stormed a Target and videotaped herself trashing an entire display of face masks, because that’s about where we are as a country.

“Finally, we meet the end of the road,” the woman, later identified as Melissa Rein Lively, says to the mask display as she begins filming. “I’ve been looking forward to this sh—t all my f—king life, so, Target, I’m not playing anymore f—king games.”

Lively begins ripping the masks down, loudly and repetitive declaring that “this sh—t’s f—king over.” 

Once all the masks are on the floor, she begins throwing them around again until two employees eventually come over to try to calm her down. Obviously not ready to go quietly, Lively complains

“Why? You let everyone else do it. You let everybody else do it, but I can’t do it because I’m a blonde white woman?” she asks, apparently assuming the destruction of Target displays by random customers is a common occurrence. “F—king wearing a f—king $40,000 f—ing Rolex? I don’t have the f—ing right to f—k sh—t up?”

The video cuts out after that, but Lively wasn’t done for the day. She later went live on Instagram as police showed up to her house, and the recording caught her insisting that she was “hired to be the QAnon spokesperson” and works for the White House.

At one point, the police officers tell her to turn around and put down her phone, presumably to cuff her, and 

“You’re doing it to me ‘cause I’m Jewish,” Lively repeats several times. “This is a Nazi fucking game. You’re doing this to me ‘cause I’m Jewish. This is Nazi bullshit.”

According to a user who shared her Instagram Live on reddit, Lively was recording throughout the morning and early afternoon, beginning with her husband asking for a divorce. A shopping spree and getting kicked out of a hotel followed the Target incident, and she eventually wound up back at her house.

“Husband stopped her [from leaving], took her purse away to keep her there. Called the cops. Told the cops how much of a threat her husband is, told them he had unregistered guns, anything to get HIM arrested,” wrote u/poopysploots. “Then here we are.”

Another video captured from her livestream shows Lively sitting outside of Target making sheep noises at customers until a police officer tells her to go wait in her car for her Uber to show up. Once it does, she tells her driver to take off his mask, and talks about stealing all the Nazi gold.

While it’s unclear how Lively’s day wound up resolving, one of the Instagram accounts she was posting to has been set to private since the videos began going viral.

But according to a tweet from July 2, she is running for governor of Arizona.