Rand Paul Claimed Taxes Hit The 1% Harder Than The Working Class And Got Laughed Off The Stage

Senator Rand Paul went on The View recently to defend America’s helpless upper class against the basic needs of the unwashed masses below them and to promote his book “The Case Against Socialism.”

Paul started off by calling the American taxation system “progressive” and claiming that people making under $50,000 a year pay no income tax, drawing disbelieving noises from the crowd.

He then went on to talk about the high tax burden of the top 1% at which point the audience simply began laughing at him.

The reaction was similar online where people didn’t take kindly to the wealthy Libertarian’s insinuation that the rich have it harder than the poor nor his claim that they don’t pay income tax.

And the crowd has some points:

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So did the people on Twitter who had a few choice words for the senator:

At least he’s a snappy dresser.

Paul also had a testy exchange with Ana Navarro about Venezuela.

You can watch more of Paul’s calamitous View performance below.