A recently posted advertisement by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention encouraging people to get vaccinated uses a message that didn’t gain the agency many fans, and in fact, intensified criticism following their decision to shorten the recommended isolation period for some with COVID-19. The messaging only seemed to cement the idea in the minds of many that the CDC has essentially given up the fight against the pandemic, instead of caving to corporate interests who value their profits over human lives, including those of their employees.

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The ad, which recently appeared on Facebook, features a woman in a mask and a Starbucks green apron and the text is written as though it’s from her perspective, stating that she got vaccinated for the sake of her job.

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“My job puts me at high risk for COVID-19 exposure,” it reads. “I got vaccinated because it’s better to be protected than to be out sick.”

The image includes a speech bubble to make the woman seem to say “I’m not letting COVID-19 take my shifts.”

This ad has landed about as well as the one where they seemed to threaten the unvaccinated with huge hospital bills, only reminding people that the U.S. healthcare system was already broken to the point that any hospital stay can easily bankrupt an average American. The new one, however, seemed to echo the message sent by the CDC’s decision to reduce the quarantine/isolation time for those exposed to or who test positive for COVID-19 from 10 days down to five in certain situations. They made this change shortly after they were urged to do so by the CEO of Delta Air Lines.

All of this has led to a resurgence in accusations from progressives and leftists that the CDC is more interested in protecting corporate profits than saving lives, encouraging people to go to work while still sick and potentially contagious as the mega-contagious Omicron variant spreads. Public health experts have been sounding the alarms for weeks that this new variant, even if it causes less severe illness (and that’s still a big “if”), will overwhelm hospitals due to the sheer number of people who will become infected.

As the days drag on following the holidays and running up to New Year’s Eve, infection rates have indeed spiked dramatically across the U.S., with doctors warning that they and the rest of their hospitals’ staff are exhausted and quitting in droves. The nation has already smashed its own records in terms of daily infection rates and continues to do so on a daily basis, and we have yet to find out how many new cases of long COVID this will result in.

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In spite of this, the Biden administration has offered no additional relief to the public other than a short delay on resuming student loan payments, declining to resume enhanced unemployment benefits, call for shut-downs, or send out stimulus checks. Now huge numbers of U.S. residents have been left feeling like their government has thrown them to the wolves, knowing that workplaces are massive vectors for spreading viruses of any kind, especially when it comes to foodservice.

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*First Published: December 31, 2021, 3:01 pm