Everyone has an opinion about baby names. It’s one of the most popular things to discuss, argue about, and make fun of. Obviously, names are important. But they’re not permanent.

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And if you’re devastated by the name your sister decides to name her child, like this Redditor, there are a lot of ways to discuss what should be done. However, the OP went about it in a totally crass way and ended up alienating the entire family.

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“My sister did a gender reveal and it’s a girl. The name is going to be Gucci Paris. We are a poor family who has never been to Paris but my sister will spend thousands on designer things as a nurse assistant. She also lives with my parents. Now her baby daddy lives with my parents. They said there are setting the tone for the next generation and names matter. I told my sister the name sounded like a street walker or a list from a brothel. I guess if that’s the goal you want for your daughter then go ahead and name her something that stupid. This started an argument and the baby daddy asked me to leave. I told them I would send their daughter a bunch of singles so she could get used to her new career. My mom is pissed but agrees it’s a stupid name but there were more tactful ways to get my point across than calling my future niece names.”

Aren’t we done giving a crap about baby names? The world is wide. There are many names out there that are worse and better than “Gucci Paris.”

Also, stop slut-shaming.

“ESH. Calling an unborn a prostitute isn’t the best way to deliver a message. But the name is a bad choice,” said


“NTA. It is objectively stupid, [but] not yet set in stone. That’s the only time you can comment on tattoos and baby names – before they actually exist. Once she signs the birth certificate, you shut up and make the best of it,” noted


“ESH…Your sister is an idiot who isn’t thinking of her child the way she should. You’re an AH for how you presented it. You’re not wrong, just the way you went about it was. ‘Sis, I’m sorry for how crude I was. It’s just that I remember back when I was in elementary and middle school and how kids would always pick on the one kid with an usual name. I was mostly thinking of how much of a shame it would be if your daughter faced years and years of bullying because of her name. Again, I’m sorry for how I put it, but I really do hope you take the time to consider just how mean other kids can be,'” advised


“ESH. This name is so bad it seems unreally fake. But you insulting strippers/sex workers also isn’t it. Everyone here needs to class up. A lot,” said


“Send their daughter a bunch of singles so that she can get used to her future career as a sex worker? You get why that’s a f*cked up thing to have about another human being, much less a baby, right?”

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*First Published: October 22, 2022, 9:03 am