Rep Steve King Says He Drank Toilet Water At A Migrant Detention Center And It Was ‘Pretty Good’

The conditions at the detention centers being used by the U.S. government to hold migrants looking to find permanent homes in the country are appalling, yet the Republican party seems hell-bent on insisting things are going hunky-dory. However, Iowa’s Rep. Steve King took things to a whole new level this week when he claimed that he not only drank toilet water at one of the detention facilities but that it was “actually pretty good.”

The fact that there are toilets that serve as water fountains at these facilities is concerning enough as it is, but King claims human rights organizations are totally overreacting and misrepresenting the conditions there. After all, he visited the Texas cell where detainees were told to drink out of the toilet and tried some of the water himself. His verdict? Pretty tasty!

“I actually went into that cell where it was reported that they were advised they had to drink out of the toilet. I took a drink out of there. And actually pretty good,” he told the audience at a town hall in Eagle Grove, Iowa according to NBC News.

First of all, the fact that King thought this story was going to be convincing in any way beggars belief. Then there’s the fact that he believes this is an adequate response to criticism he’s received from Democratic representatives including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

King also accused Ocasio-Cortez of spreading “misinformation” about the whole toilet-drinking situation, saying, “In the back where the lid would be on our toilet, that’s also sealed. And there’s a water fountain there, you push the button, the water comes out, and you take a drink, it’s how it is. It’s not drinking out of the toilet, it’s drinking out of the water fountain that’s integral with the back of the toilet.”

Gee, thanks for the clarification there, Rep. King.