Book banning has been a major topic of conversation in the United States as of late. Texas is pulling scores of titles from shelves, a Tennessee school board unanimously voted to remove a graphic novel about the Holocaust from its curriculum, and, well, conservatives are pretty much always trying to get books with LGBTQ+ characters and about racism removed from reach.

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But for all the pearl-clutching about inappropriate sexual content, graphic violence, and sensitive subject matters, they always leave one glaringly obvious book off the ban list — the Bible.

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The Good Liars duo decided to go out and find a couple of conservatives on the street to see how they felt about the Christian Bible remaining so accessible to children, and the scenarios did not disappoint.

“There’s a book that we’ve seen that’s in libraries in lots of schools that features a story of two daughters having sex with their dad,” Jason Selvig said to a couple, one of whom was wearing a MAGA hat. 

In another clip, Davram Stiefler elaborates to a different women wearing an American flag pin: “They get their dad drunk to have sex with him.”

The reactions of all three people are strictly negative, with the couple immediately agreeing the book in question needs to be banned from schools.

“Why do kids need to read that?” MAGA Hat asks.

“That book is actually the Bible,” Stiefler tells the woman in the other clip, and suddenly, her whole demeanor changes. 

“Oh, no,” she says, shaking her head and laughing like he’s a fool — and perfectly illustrating the glaring double standard at play when it comes to book banning.

The story in question is hardly the only disturbing story in the Bible, although this TikTok posted in the comments does a good job of explaining how the context around the whole thing is even worse.

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And there’s also this: 

Basically, if children and teenagers are getting taught these stories in Sunday School from a very young age — and we all know the children and teenagers growing up in conservative households wanting to ban “inappropriate” books are — then they’re definitely capable of reading modern, thoughtful stories that caution against the horrors of genocide and fascism, show that queer relationships aren’t evil, and point out “hey, racism exists and is bad” without melting into the floor. 

It’s almost like the reason people want these books banned isn’t because the subjects are sensitive at all, and just because they want to control the narrative so their children don’t grow up to be empathetic and curious members of society. And if that’s not the case, well, let’s toss the Bible to the top of that ban pile, right?

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*First Published: January 6, 2022, 5:22 am