Mark Takano tweet with video of Republicans walking out on a veteran healthcare bill vote

Republicans Storm Out Of House Hearing On Healthcare Bill For Women Veterans

House Republicans became upset and stormed out of a committee meeting Tuesday after Democrats had to stop them from attaching “poison pill” amendments to the Deborah Sampson Act, which addressed unique needs faced by female veterans. Veterans’ Affairs Chairman Mark Takano stopped debate on the amendments, which were clearly designed to make the bill impossible to pass, and Republicans left the room, refusing to vote on it at all.

“House Republicans just walked out on women veterans by refusing to vote on a historic and monumental bill to extend care and benefits included in the Deborah Sampson Act,” said Takano. “Instead of bringing forth meaningful, productive additions to legislation that will improve the lives of women veterans, they added toxic, partisan amendments—none of which worked to address how women veterans receive care.”

The bill would create a peer-to-peer assistance program for women who had recently left the military, especially for those who had experienced sexual trauma and/or who are at high risk of experiencing homelessness. Republicans tried to tack on amendments about things like firearm rights and didn’t like being called out on it. Navy veteran Andrea Goldstein called the walkout “devastating.”

In spite of the walkout, the bill passed the committee without the toxic amendments and is moving forward. Meanwhile, Republicans get to look like horrible people who walked out on a bill designed to help female veterans who had survived sexual assault.

2020 is looking better and better.