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Audio Leaks Of Richard Spencer Allegedly Having A Racist Meltdown After Heather Heyer’s Death

You may not have thought about “alt-right” or Nazi Richard Spencer in awhile, but there was a period of time around Donald Trump’s election where he was getting all sorts of bizarrely positive coverage for being a marginally attractive man who wears suits that sometimes fit. While many people protested the media’s inexplicably fawning coverage of Spencer and his hateful ideologies, he kept getting press. The whole thing sort of culminated with Spencer getting punched in the face by a protestor in Washington, and he began to be afraid to show that face around town.

But Spencer has been launched back into the news again, this time because his fellow washed-up loser of a “provocateur” pal, Milo Yiannopoulous, posted audio on Sunday that he claims is Spencer, ranting about black people and Jews in a pretty horrible manner, as reported by BoingBoing. This rant was allegedly recorded just after counter protestor Heather Heyer was murdered at the 2017  “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville.

“‘My ancestors fucking enslaved those little pieces of f*cking shit,’ Spencer is heard shouting on the recording. ‘They don’t do this to f*cking me. We’re going to f*cking ritualistically humiliate them.’

‘Little f*cking k*kes,’ Spencer is heard screaming in a terrifying minute-long rant. ‘They get ruled by people like me. Little f*cking octaroons.'”

You can listen to Spencer hurl racist abuse here, if reading it isn’t poison enough for your senses:

Everyone knew Richard Spencer was a horrible human being, who was spouting racist ideas to his pathetic followers. A Nazi in a tailored suit is still a Nazi. Skip the profiles and send them directly to the garbage, where they belong.