A public memory from the 2006 GQ Man of the Year Awards is resurfacing following multiple rape, sexual assault, and abuse allegations that have been leveled at comedian and conspiracy theorist Russell Brand by at least four women. Back before Brand made his conspicuous swing into right-wing brainworm territory, he was still being creepy about ladies, and Sir Rod Stewart didn’t let him get away with it when it came to his daughter, Kimberly.

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While on stage collecting his award that year, Brand made the baffling decision to dedicate his award to Stewart in the worst way possible.

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“Here’s to Rod Stewart who had a go at me earlier this year for too much womanizing,” he said. “But then again I did have a go on his daughter.”

Kimberly Stewart made a name for herself as a TV personality and a model, and was 27 at the time of this awards show. It’s unclear how old she was when Brand allegedly “had a go” at her, and we bring this up because he’s been accused of grooming and abusing a 16-year-old girl.

When Rod Stewart got on stage to accept his own award, he addressed Brand directly.

“You went with my daughter, did you?” he asked the comedian.

He then told Brand to “stand up” and made him admit that he only “took her out for one evening,” suddenly not as confident as he was before.

“Did you behave yourself?” said Stewart.

“I never touched that girl,” Brand replied.

“F—ing right, you didn’t,” Stewart confirmed. “You mustn’t come up here and boast. I speak here as a father.”

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Having actually been confronted by another man about his creepy behavior, Brand reportedly tried to apologize and smooth things over with Stewart after the show. Judging by the singer’s comments during an interview with the Evening Standard later, it doesn’t sound like he was entirely successful.

“He might be a bit of a player but he shouldn’t boast. I never did. Russell’s been a bit timid since I had my say.”

According to multiple British media outlets, four women have made specific allegations including rape and other forms of sexual assault against Brand, saying that the acts occurred between the years 2006 and 2013. Additional women have accused him of other forms of violence, such as “controlling, abusive and predatory behavior.”

The outlets began a deep dive into these allegations staring in 2019 and found substantial evidence to corroborate the women’s statements. Additionally, Brand was accused of sexual harassment at least three times between the years of 2006 and 2008 in separate incidents.

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It’s rather notable that not long after the investigation into the more serious crimes began, Brand started his turn into right-wing conspiracy theory territory, staring with COVID denialism until by 2022 he was ranting about a nefarious and ill-defined “globalist agenda.” This had resulted in widespread speculation that he was aware of the investigation and decided to cultivate a following and relationships with allies who are much more likely than others to refuse to believe women who accuse men of sexual violence.

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*First Published: September 18, 2023, 11:17 am