J.K. Rowling is still enthusiastically riding that TERF train, as evidenced by a pair of images she posted to Twitter apparently comparing a desire to chain up and humiliate early U.S. feminists with a desire for transphobes like her to shut up. The first image is a classic anti-suffragette propaganda poster depicting a frowning woman tied and shackled to a chair captioned to read “what I would do with the suffragists.”

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The second is a smiling anime girl with a gun captioned with “shut the f— up TERF.”

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“Same s–t, different century,” Rowling claimed.

For those unaware, TERF stands for “trans-exclusionary radical feminist” and refers to people who appropriate 2nd wave feminist theory in service of transphobia, targeting trans women in particular. These “feminists” often team up with far-right and Evangelical Christian groups in order to deny the womanhood of trans women, using sexist stereotypes to claim that they are just men trying to break into women’s spaces to assault and abuse us.

Nevermind the fact that men have never had to go to such lengths to assault and abuse women and it’s baffling to think that they would give up their privilege and expose themselves to rampant bigotry to do the same — just don’t think about that.

In recent years, Rowling has gone from a beloved author of a fun series of children’s books about witches and wizards which launched her to billionaire status to becoming the public face of TERFs and getting chummy with notorious right-wing trolls like Catturd.

This latest attempt at transphobic memeing by Rowling demonstrates that she doesn’t seem to understand even the most basic of feminist theory. The image of the bound suffragette starkly strips the woman of her agency, stating outright the artist’s desire to silence an oppressed group. The image of the anime girl is full of agency, with the character asserting her agency (using the power of gun) and demanding that the oppressor be the one who is silent.

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More like “opposite s–t, different century.”

The character in question is Lily Hoshikawa from Zombie Land Saga โ€” a trans girl and child prodigy who is resurrected from the dead. She became something of a trans icon after it was revealed that she is a transgender character and was soon found in many memes expressing a long-running sentiment about TERFs among the community.

In addition to being angry about yet another attack from this powerful, wealthy public figure against a small and highly vulnerable population currently being targeted with what some say are genocide tactics, many were baffled to see Rowling still using her time on this. A famous billionaire could do nearly anything she wanted in the world, and she’s posting anime girl memes on Twitter dot com?

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*First Published: January 31, 2023, 11:08 am