People On Twitter Are Sharing Their Best Worst Rudy Giuliani Puns

Rudy Giuliani is in the news a lot lately. It seems as though he was one of the key players in Donald Trump’s efforts to commit crimes, specifically urging him to get dirt on Joe and Hunter Biden by withholding foreign aid from Ukraine. He gave a particularly unhinged interview on Fox News, in which he seemed to threaten the president and imply his life could be in danger, too. He later tweeted he was being “sarcastic,” but I don’t think that word means what he thinks it means.

Hearing Giuliani’s name so much during the impeachment trials has got people thinking about it a whole lot more. There are so many vowels, none of them in the places you’d expect. It lends itself to a little wordplay, as Democratic strategist Max Burns pointed out in an offhand joke on Twitter, turning Giuliani’s name into a pun.

Very goofy. But some people were not amused, like author Sara Benincasa. Call the Pun Police:

Saying puns are bad only encourages pun lovers. A slew of Rudy Giuliani puns were soon filling Benincasa’s mentions.:

This is the most likable Rudy Giuliani has been in a very long time.