Following the allegations of rape, sexual assault, and abuse from four women specifically (and additional predatory behavior from others), people are digging into Russell Brand’s past and finding all those examples of creepiness that were caught on camera. Considering the fact that the comedian built his reputation on being an (allegedly) attractive man who tells crude sexual jokes, it’s not surprising that there’s plenty to find.

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After people recalled the time that Sir Rod Stewart told him off on stage at the GQ Man of the Year Awards for making a gross remark about his daughter, that clip of him on Jimmy Fallon’s show with Katharine McPhee started spreading.

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The clip shows Brand and McPhee on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in 2013 — the end date for the allegations in question — as the singer arrives to be interviewed after the comedian, but he refuses to get up from the main chair. Brand immediately starts grabbing McPhee’s arms without her consent, pulling one behind her back as she sits on the couch, while Fallon attempts to correct the situation.

“You have to move out of your chair,” says Fallon.

“She’s welcome to sit here,” Brand says as McPhee moves onto his lap.

Fallon repeatedly warns him not to do what he’s doing, perhaps predicting that the stunt will not age well, even as he makes jokes.

“Don’t say ‘for the queen,'” he says.

Of course, Brand immediately shouts this, but also grabs McPhee by the hips and bounces her up and down on his lap in a sexually suggestive manner. McPhee makes a face that indicates she is not comfortable with this and pulls away as Fallon tells him to stop. The singer then pushes Brand away toward the couch, indicating that she wants him further away from her.

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Brand continues to be creepy toward her for the duration of her interview, suggesting at one point that he wants to “exchange” “genes” with her, until he find out that she’s married at that time to actor Nick Cokas.

“I didn’t know you were married,” he says when she mentions her now former husband to Fallon. “I’m going to f— off now.”

There is a well-known pattern described by feminists of aggressive and predatory men only backing off the women they’re targeting when they find out that they’re in a relationship with another man. They don’t respect the woman’s autonomy in her assertion that they should leave her alone, but only the other man’s perceived ownership of her.

A number of women have already come forward with yet undisclosed reports of predatory and/or abusive behavior from Brand following the four-year investigation by multiple news media outlets into the disturbing accusations brought by the four women starting in 2019. These include rape, other forms of sexual assault, emotional abuse, and the grooming of a 16-year-old girl when Brand was 31.

Considering Brand’s reputation, his choice of image, and repeated behavior like this that got him accused of sexual harassment several times long before the investigation began, many people are not surprised at these accusations, or doubting them.

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*First Published: September 18, 2023, 1:48 pm