At least, that’s what Trump said today in another random Twitter announcement. We’ve heard this song before, of course, as she was supposed to leave the White House by the end of 2018 and just never did. This time, Trump claims that Sanders will be out by the end of the month.

Sure, if the Governor of Arkansas only has to do their job once every couple of months, that would be a great fit. As it is, Sanders hasn’t done a daily press briefing since March 11, 94 days ago. Any time she does appear publicly it’s either to lie for Trump or to tell the press to shut up. That’s not supposed to be the role of the Press Secretary, but then again, the president isn’t supposed to openly accept opposition intel from foreign powers, either.

There’s no word on who might replace Sanders, though considering the job she’s done during the past several months, why restaff the position at all?

Some have also pointed out that there’s some interesting math going on in the President’s tweet. Sanders was not actually Press Secretary for Obama.

But for the most part, people are happy to see Sanders go and equally happy to trash her, which she deserves far more than she ever deserved the honor of being Press Secretary for the White House.

However, some people have doubts that she’ll leave at all.

And if she does leave, people have some advice for the media and everyone else.

May she fade into obscurity.


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*First Published: June 13, 2019, 1:35 pm