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15 Of The Funniest Reactions To Sarah Palin, Conservative Queen, Getting Divorced

The celebrity of Republican vice presidential candidate and former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin was a pale imitation of what was to come with Donald Trump. She was widely mocked as being inarticulate, on the edge of moronic, and for lacking the necessary knowledge to be working in the White House—or possibly as the governor of Alaska. Maybe if Palin had been a man, she would have won anyway, and we’d be suffering under President Palin right now. Sexism only delayed the ascendency of idiocy for a few terms in the Republican party. Here we are.

Palin has continued to exist since her failed campaign, starring in her own reality TV series, defending the choices of her unruly children, and getting mixed up with Tina Fey, who did an excellent impression of her for SNL.

Now, Palin is in the news again! NBC reports that her husband Todd Palin has filed for divorce, citing “incompatibility of temperament” and saying that “they find it impossible to live together as husband and wife.”

This is sad news for the Palin household but good news for Twitter, which has a long memory and a lot of jokes to make at the Palin family’s expense. Some of them are even funny, if you don’t think too hard about the horror of matching with Sarah Palin on Tinder:

A lot of people wondered what had driven the two of them apart after everything insane thing they’ve been through:

Maybe it was gay marriage that ruined straight marriage, as she feared:

A few people picture Todd leaving in the most Alaskan way possible:

If Sarah Palin weren’t so horribly racist, homophobic, gun nuts, and opportunistic, this would be very cruel and unfair. Oh well!

Who knows what’s next for Sarah and Todd. Maybe they’re about to find people they’re better suited to, and embark on a second journey of love. They don’t deserve it, but love is crazy that way.