For the past several days and nights, protests have sprung up in numerous cities against police brutality and state violence against black men and women. They began in Minneapolis, where a man named George Floyd was killed by Officer Derek Chauvin, who leaned on Floyd’s throat for eight minutes as he begged to be released, saying he could not breathe. The horrific scene was caught on tape and widely shared. As peaceful protesters were met with even more violence, including tear gas, pepper spray, and rubber bullets, tensions exploded. A police precinct was taken over and set on fire. Riots and looting took over many areas.

Soon the city was put under a curfew, but it was too late to quell the rebellion. People all across the U.S. are fed up with the violence perpetrated by cops, especially racially motivated attacks against black citizens. Protests have sprung up in almost every state, in numerous cities. While most of these protests have started out as peaceful marches and gatherings, many have escalated as militarized police forces turn their weapons on the people, seemingly with impunity. Journalists have been arrested and targeted, even while cameras are running.

This is in stark contrast to how white lockdown protestors screaming the face of police over wanting haircuts were treated:

It’s unclear how things will end, but after months of lockdown and over 100,000 people dead of a virus the government has failed to contain, plus a looming depression, people are not going to be placated by platitudes anymore. Here are some of the startling and incredible scenes of protests from around the world:

1. NYPD driving into a crowd

2. Louisville police destroying water and supplies from protestors

3. Protestors arguing over smashing windows

4. Protestors blocking a highway in Austin

5. Same in Little Rock

6. John Cusack getting hit with batons

7. MPD shooting paint canisters at people on their porches

8. Cop pulling off protestor’s mask to pepper spray him

9. Salt Lake City police shoving an elderly man to the ground

10. Indigenous dancers in Los Angeles

11. A graduate peacefully protesting

12. Building once used as a slave market set on fire in Fayetteville

13. Statue toppled in Nashville

14. Man with a bow and arrow shooting at a crowd in SLC

15. New Jersey police march with protestors

16. Senator pepper-sprayed at Barclays Center

17. People listening to organizers in LA

18. Cops firing rubber bullets at peaceful protestors

19. Thousands of protestors peacefully laying down and chanting “I can’t breathe” at Colorado’s Capitol

20. Batman In Philadelphia

21. Cops get tear gas thrown back at them in front of the White House

22. Chicago protestors flood streets

23. Bridges closed in Chicago trapping protestors

24. Atlanta police tasing people in their car

25. Police cars racing through crowded Brooklyn streets

26. Protestor riding his horse

27. Peaceful moment in Cleveland

28. Protests for George Floyd made it to Germany

29. Protestors dancing

30. Flint Sheriff marching with protestors

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*First Published: May 31, 2020, 6:27 am