Seeing as how we’ve been dealing with the pandemic for almost two years now, one would think that the symptoms of COVID would be pretty recognizable to the average person. In many countries, scores of people now get nervous at even a little tickle in the back of their throats.

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But in the United States, at least, we have so many COVID deniers that some folks take way longer to figure out what’s going on with them (or just start throwing out accusations of anthrax poisoning).

People leaving poor reviews for products that should have a specific taste and smell but suddenly, bizarrely, to them, do not, has been one fascinating way to track people not realizing they caught the virus in the recent past. 

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Seeing as how it’s winter aka the perfect time for candles, candle companies currently seem to be getting hit with the brunt of these ignorant reviews.

But folks online have run with it, compiling these clueless comments and sharing them online with the hopes of providing some laughs — and reminding people that if you can’t smell something while we’re still in the midst of a pandemic featuring a virus that tends to cut off people’s sense of smell, well, the answer as to why might be right in front of you.

Someone even allegedly compared data between a rise in COVID cases in the U.S. and a rise in complaints against Yankee Candles on Amazon regarding a lack of scent.

It’s totally possible that not everyone posting reviews like this is a science-denier, pretending they don’t have COVID at the cost of looking totally stupid to the general public. But it would probably help to read the room all the same.

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It will be interesting to see what memories of these strange times stick in the stories that are told about the COVID era in the future, but the time the pandemic tanked Yankee Candles’ reviews feels like one for the history books.

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*First Published: December 23, 2021, 4:34 am