Former WI Governor Mocked For Angry “Christmas Tree” Tweet After Current Governor Labels It “Holiday Tree”

Former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker must not have a lot going on these days, because he decided to start some random crap on Twitter over his Christmas tree. Posting a picture of a tree that looks like it was taken out of a J.C. Penny catalog, Walker wrote, “This is a Christmas Tree that is used by people celebrating Christmas. This is not a holiday tree.”

Honestly, if it is his tree, someone should tell him it’s too soon for it to go up. You gotta wait until at least Thanksgiving, my dude, or you’ll be opening up presents around a big, dry, flammable stick.

Walker’s tweet got quickly ratio-ed for a few reasons. One is that this hardly seems like an issue. Every year, performative Christians get their panties twisted over people saying “Happy Holidays” versus “Merry Christmas,” because they think inclusivity makes baby Jesus cry. While I don’t agree, I do understand that at least these interactions happen in public, at work, in stores, etc.

Furthermore, Walker, who is the former governor of Wisconsin, wrote this tweet in response to current Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers, who has gone back to officially calling the evergreen a “Holiday Tree” after Walker had declared it a “Christmas Tree.”

But who is kicking your door and mislabeling your tree? What does it matter if people decorate a bush inside their own homes and call it something different from you? How would you even know?!

The other reason is that the Christmas tree is famously unrelated to Christ. It was a pagan symbol, used in their winter solstice celebrations, and adopted by Christianity as many pagan holidays and traditions were. It’s a lot easier to convert people if you incorporate their customs instead of trying to stamp them out, which is some the GOP should learn.

One of the best reply chains might be people just stating what things are in increasingly absurd ways, though none of them quite top Walker’s tree galaxy brain:

And yeah, he did steal the pic:

At least Walker didn’t set up his tree already. Then I might actually be worried about him.