American health insurance is rarely understood by Americans, and makes even less sense to people in places like Canada and the United Kingdom, where healthcare is covered by taxes and available to all.

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In a time where coronavirus is making everyone concerned for their health, the question of how Americans are going to pay for anything if we get sick is one that’s been coming up constantly. This is especially true for those who are on a plan through their jobs, since we basically hit pause on the economy and job security is up in the air for millions of people at the moment.

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One Scottish guy on Twitter brought this up, looking for answers on the bizarre American way of life.

“So, do I get this right American friends?” he asked.

“You get health insurance through your job. But you can lose your job if your employer cuts costs due to Covid19. Which then means you’ve lost your insurance which would help you get treated for the health crisis you lost your job for…”

Americans frustrated with the system were quick to point out that actually, it’s even worse than that.

And health insurance from a job isn’t even guaranteed to begin with.

But if you do get let go from a job that provided insurance, you’ll be stuck paying way more if you want to extend that insurance.

And of course tons of Americans don’t have insurance at all…

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But not to worry, everyone, we’ve got this completely under control!

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*First Published: March 26, 2020, 6:51 am