‘Scrubs’ Clip Reminds Us Why Social Distancing Saves Lives

It’s hard for most people to envision how easily germs spread since it’s not something we can physically see and it’s not something most of us think about regularly. But in the age of coronavirus, it’s also something we’re all having to be incredibly mindful of, to avoid becoming infected ourselves but also to avoid spreading the infection to others.

A clip from the Zach Braff hospital comedy Scrubs has started making the rounds on Twitter as a way to remind just how easy it is to spread bacteria throughout a community.

The video shows the opening of the season 5 episode “My Cabbage,” in which Dr. Kelso walks the Janitor through a scenario in which germs are transferred throughout people in the hospital, with a glowing green color signifying the infection as it moves from person to person.

From a kid sneezing, to his mom wiping his nose, to her shaking a doctor’s hand…in a matter of seconds, one single sneeze has traveled through five people, and it’s easy to imagine how quickly it could continue spreading from there.

The video also tacks on the end of the episode, bringing back the green glow of the germs as an incompetent and recently fired intern who touched something infected and subsequently shakes the hand of an elderly woman who has just been discharged from the hospital. We see the infection spread from him, to her hand, to her face, as everything gradually becomes green as it foreshadows a depressing turn of events.

It’s a perfect example of why the only way we can cut coronavirus off and stop the spread is to limit interaction as much as possible for the time being.