Jared Kushner fishing and Melania Trump on a jet ski

The Secret Service Has To Buy Jet Skis To Protect The Trumps At Mar-a-Lago

Donald Trump and the First Family have often been criticized for costing the taxpayers many millions of dollars in travel and security costs as they head to Mar-a-Lago in Florida every weekend and Melania spends most of her time away from the White House.

This narrative has taken a comical turn (if you ignore all the money being wasted) when the Secret Service officially requested funds to buy their own jet skis so that they could protect the Trumps out on the water.

Apparently, the Secret Service has already had to rent jet skis so many times that they might as well just buy a couple, because the Trumps are “very active in water sports.”

The request is for two Kawaski Jet Skis, which go for $10,000 to $15,000 each. This isn’t a massive expense in comparison to the millions spent to guard the Trumps when they’re not participating in the most expensive sports they can think of.

However, the request also notes that when the Obama family was vacationing out on the water, the Secret Service obtained jet skis after they “partnered with local police and rescue agencies” rather than renting or purchasing them.

So either the Secret Service just wants some jet skis or local police and rescue agencies would rather the Trumps drown. Either way, people are not thrilled about the idea of taxpayer-funded jet skis.

And yes, there are the obligatory jokes about “water sports.”