There is nothing wrong with aging, as time moves ever forward, but sometimes reminders of that fact can be jarring to folks who don’t like being clocked as older, as was the case for a woman with naturally graying hair. 

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Jennifer, aka @gigi_dolleyes on TikTok, posted her shock at a shop cashier assuming her to be over 55 years old and giving her the senior discount without even asking her for her age, and her video very quickly went viral, with over 343.5k views, 32.2k likes, and over 3k comments.

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In the caption of the video, Jennifer wrote, “WTH!! Getting old sucks,” although she took the knowledge well once she recognized what the cashier had done.

The Senior List, which shares those stores and restaurants where seniors can get discounts, says, “Every Tuesday, Ross offers its senior discount for customers who are 55 or older. To redeem the offer, simply let a store associate know before you make the purchase. In some cases, you may have to furnish an ID to verify your age.”

Jennifer’s total was originally $52, but the cashier told her to wait and it ended up being around $44 instead. She was in a hurry to pick up her daughter and didn’t think anything of the discount until later, when she looked at the receipt to discover what he had done.

“He gave me the 55-plus Tuesday discount. 10%,” she said in the TikTok. “I mean I’m not mad at it because hey, that’s $7.50 that I didn’t have to pay, but… he didn’t ask me my age.”

Jennifer went on to ask those watching the video if she looked like she was 55 years old, going on to say, “God, I hope not.”

Commenters on the video weren’t ruthless in their assessment of how old she looked, but overall did say that she looked her age.

One TikToker commented simply, “Yes. I’m sorry.”

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Another person added, “I think the younger generation automatically sees grey hair and thinks people are one step away from an assisted living home.”

“I am a cashier and we are not allowed to ask customers their age!!!” a third TikToker reassured her. “It’s against the store’s policy!!! Who cares, what is wrong with 55?”

Another cashier chimed in to add, “As a former Ross employee, I gave that discount to the nice customers regardless of their age. 😆”

“I work in retail. We are not allowed to ask. But yes you look the same age as me and I’m 55 🤷🏻‍♀️” said a fellow senior.

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*First Published: November 30, 2022, 8:18 am